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So, apparently Suikoden II is supposed to be hitting the PSN tonight! And while I was actually lucky enough to have bought it and played it when it first came out back in the day, it's become one of those legendarily great but hard-to-find games that sell for obnoxious and discouraging prices on eBay. But soon, you'll be able to get it for ten dollars! After Earthbound, another Holy Grail game made readily available! We live in an enlightened and exciting era.

Mind you, some games don't live up to their reputation, and are overhyped by the elite few who actually have it and like to give an excessive air of grandeur to their possessions. I still remember, back when Sonic CD was only available in its original form, before any compilations or digital download options were available for it, folks who had played it going on with tears of pity in their eyes for those poor souls like myself who never had gotten to play it, and probably never would get to play it, and how the game was an unparalleled accomplishment and triumph of the human spirit and not just the greatest Sonic game ever made, but indeed, a pure good whose gleaming perfection would forever light up the lives of those chosen ones who had access to its splendor and if you looked at the glare on the underside of its disc at the right angle you could see the face of God smiling his blessing upon you...but then, Sonic Gems collection came out, anyone could play it, and I discovered that my own compliments for the game went no further than 'my third or fourth favorite 2D Sonic game'...which still ain't BAD, but its abilities to heal the blind and ward off evil were somewhat exaggerated.

That said, Suikoden II DOES live up to its reputation as a masterpiece, and while I haven't tested it yet, it MIGHT be able to heal the blind and ward off evil. And during a loading screen, I do feel like I might have gotten a quick glimpse of God winking approvingly at me for playing it.

In short: if you have access to some sort of PSN-handy device, play Suikoden II tonight. And if you can't, then close your eyes and dream of recruiting a squadron of caped flying squirrels to help you win a war. Because that can literally happen in Suikoden II, and it is only the twelfth best part of the game.

And while anyone and everyone is advised to play Suikoden II on pure merits, it is perhaps an extra selling-point on this gallery to mention it does have some muscle ladies. Tiny, pixelated muscle ladies, mind you, but that makes Oulan no less awesome.…


That Fat Fiend, Voluptuous Valvalis by Saxxon
That Fat Fiend, Voluptuous Valvalis
A commission of the lovely Final Fantasy wind-fiend Valvalis! But a biiiit fatter.

...or, alright, so her name from the original Japanese version is supposed to be Barbariccia, or something along those lines, and that's what she's called now everywhere, but I grew up with the FF2 translation, so Valvalis is what I think of her as. Also, Valvalis is a good, windy-sounding name (the val spins back around! like the cow from Twister!), while Barbariccia just doesn't SOUND right to me. Also, while it's a reference to the Divine Comedy, the name Barbariccia itself means 'curly beard'.

Making it not the MOST irrelevant case of naming a Final Fantasy character after some arbitrary mythological or literary figure...but it is part of that fine tradition.

But Valvalis? Now there is a name to rock you like a hurricane.
Miss Thunder Is Ready For A Snack, Now by Saxxon
Miss Thunder Is Ready For A Snack, Now
A commission for :iconsamuraijake: of his super-heroic character, Miss Thunder, having just saved the city from a giant robot, and now wrestling with the weightier concern of what to eat.

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